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5 Strategies Every Writer Should Adopt (Now)

5 Strategies Every Writer Should Adopt (Now)

I bet you are sick of blog posts that tell you 7 things you should do, or 4 things not to eat or the 12 best ways to save money at Costco.  But I couldn’t help it.  This came to me in dream – so I had to write it.


My life is writing and writers.  It is all I do.  So I get to see a lot of writerly behavior.  You might even call me an expert on writerly behavior.  Every writer thinks they are the only ones who struggle.  I bet you probably don’t even realize that you may be suffering from some of the extremely common issues that most writers suffer from.  (Anxiety, depression, the family member asking when you are going to finish the d*%# thing –  to name a few of the biggies.)

My best friend will tell you that I hate the term “self-care” – and I especially hate being told to take care of myself.

“Are you taking care of yourself?” is a phrase that grates on every last nerve.  But maybe it’s so annoying to me because the whole idea of it hits a real nerve.  Focusing on myself (ick).therapist

So anyway, back to my dream.  I was in Tahoe (never been to Tahoe but my dream self really wanted to go apparently) and I was with my cat, Dorothy Witten,  cat thinkingand she and I were discussing how writers can be most effective.  (At the time I had no problem with my cat talking, I remember being nervous about going skiing because I’m a terrible skier.)

ski fall

So, long story short – here is what the cat and I came up with:

5 Habits to Adopt for the New Year – to Be a More Effective Writer

  • Ask yourself daily – How am I taking care of myself?  Adopt a position that it is your job to care for yourself and you must take that job seriously.  No one can do this for you.  No matter how much another person loves you, you are always at the driver’s wheel.  Regular self-care actually leads to higher productivity and helps fuel everything and everything we want in life.
  • Postpone self-criticism. Adopt a strategy that you can always beat yourself up in a few days, so why not postpone it?  In the meantime, why not take care of yourself, or say, do a little writing?
  • Offer the negativity a space. Anxiety, worry and depression will sometimes come to call.  Its okay, you don’t have to be so afraid of it.  Invite it to in for tea – but ask it to leave when it has finished the cup.  It can visit but it can’t move in.
  • SLOW DOWN and actually enjoy the process. Adopt a belief that the process is just as important as the outcome.  Praise brainstorming (brainstorming is writing and actually saves time!).  Find small ways to infuse joy into your practice.  How can you pamper yourself as you write?
  • Find your Cheerleader(s). We all know writing can be solitary – and being alone in your own head all the time can lead you down some funky rabbit holes.  Do your homework to find a person or group of people who will champion the process.  A group of people that will run with you along the way can be invaluable.  It makes the journey so much more fun and meaningful if we do it together.




10 Responses to “ 5 Strategies Every Writer Should Adopt (Now) ”

  1. Nicole Weiss says:

    Thanks. Just what the doctor ordered :)

  2. Pat Weiland says:

    Thanks, it’s funny how you read what you most need at the exact right time. These are clear and not too smarmy to follow. The one I have the most trouble with is the cheerleader. Thanks again!

    • admin says:

      All the writers I work with struggle with being their own cheerleader. Glad this found you at the right time! Take care, Marni

  3. Nancy Fisk says:

    I’ve read that you can cut out pictures of people you most admire, post them at your desk, and imagine how they would cheer you on. One way of looking at the cheerleader. Here’s to a year of postponing self-criticism (Love that concept!)

  4. Robbie McKee says:

    Thank you so much for the info, and for being who you are. You mean so much to so many. I love your cool cat.

  5. Thank you so much. Since my novel will finally be out in approx. one month, I am entering into a new realm. I really needed this advice right now.
    Sherrie Miranda


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