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Behind the Scenes Part 1 - Carlos Talks About his Real Experience Making a Movie


Behind the Scenes - A writer talks about his real experience making a movie.
On September 8th, Carlos de los Rios, one of your fearless writing coaches, will make his 8th movie.  It is called Diablo and will star Danny Glover and Scott Eastwood.  We will touch base with Carlos throughout the pre-production, production and post production period for his thought, feelings and insights as he maneuvers through the wacky world of film making.

Carlos with Scott Eastwood on the Set of their last movie together, The Forger

Q:  Your movie is shooting in a few weeks - what is going on inside your head?

I am just excited that this picture came together so beautifully. It’s a real pleasure to make a movie, but it’s an added bonus to do it with a friend like my director/partner Lawrence Roeck.

  Lawrence Roeck, Director of Diablo
Q:  Can you tell us a little about the plot, how you came up with the story?

I really cannot say much about plot as we are all signed to NDAs but I can say this — it is a pure adventure movie set in the 1870s. The action starts on page 1 (literally!) and never lets up. We follow a lead who goes on a journey that takes him into the wilds and challenges everything he knows about himself.

Q:  Your movie will star Scott Eastwood - what’s it like to work with him?

Scott is a phenomenal actor. He was in our last picture, The Forger, but in a small role. Here he takes the lead role which is really great because he is a talent about to take Hollywood by storm. We saw his acting chops on the last picture and his work ethic and things just added up to make sense that he’d be a first rate choice for this movie. I can’t wait for people to see what he can do.

  Scott Eastwood, Star of Diablo
Q:  Anything you think we’d be surprised to learn about - about what it’s really like to make a movie?

Oh sure, tons of things — for example, how long we work on a screenplay for a movie like this: almost 3 years. There were some lulls in writing over that period, but by and large we worked our butts off for a long time on concept, setting, character, plot and ultimately, most importantly, theme. Each of these and many other elements all require precise attention to detail or the whole structure pyramid you’ve set up crumbles. So, I think it was a great advantage to have a strong, “bullet-proof” script when approaching investors, movie stars and crew. You have to make a story that excites you, has your own personality stamp on it but you also have to entertain and even educate (aka, do your research). So, you have to make a script yours but it also has to be made for an audience to love. That’s a complicated dichotomy to straddle. But there are wonderful rewards for putting in all that hard work and all that attention to detail. My best piece of advice to newer writers - the devil’s in the details. Be specific when you create a story. Specificity in a story is where the audience’s rapt attention comes from. Thanks for the interview. Wish me luck. This is my 8th feature movie as a writer but every time is an adventure.

Stay tuned for part 2!




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