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Just [email protected] GO TO HAWAII! - How to travel without writer’s guilt…

As a writing coach, this is what I hear from writers as summer nears: “I’m leaving for Hawaii next week but I am packing my lap top and I plan on ten pages a day!” and yet… Two weeks later at our meeting: “Yeah, I didn’t open the laptop. ... (more...)

Marni Interviews her Guru, John Vorhaus, Author of the Comic Toolbox

 A Most Inappropriate Interview with John Vorhaus Marni:  Can you give us an example of the lies you will be telling in your latest book, Banana Pants Crazy? John:  Well, let’s see… I’ll be presenting a few dozen words... (more...)

3 Ways to Relieve Your Writing Stress!

3 Ways to Relieve Your Writers Stress Okay so I’m writing a new play. One that I’m very excited about. Haven’t been this excited about a piece of work in years. Years, I tell you. Well a few weeks ago I hit a major stumbling block. The story seemed... (more...)

Interview with Local Author, Howard Shulman

1) When did you start writing Running from the Mirror and what pushed you to pick up a pen? I started writing my memoir about eight years ago. After reading some great memoirs, like Running with Scissors, The Glass Castle, and Eat Love Pray, I thought... (more...)

3 Dynamic Tools for Writers — By Zsuzsi Balazs


What to do when you find a man sleeping in your car…

What to do when you find a man sleeping in your car… (Or Ben’s Prayer)   This is how it went down. Just a regular Tuesday morning. My husband, Carlos, had to go to L.A. (yeah, that day only) for business and had left crazy early in the morning.... (more...)

Query THIS!

Query This! by, Lindsey Salatka I did it! I wrote a book. See that item on the top of my list of life goals? Now see me slap a fat check mark next to it. Yippee! Next stop, publishing! Oh, if it were only that easy. I always figured I would self-publish.... (more...)

Interview with Local Author, Jill G. Hall

Interview with Jill Hall 1) What was your inspiration to write the Black Velvet Coat?  I tried on a coat at a yard sale, loved it, but thinking it was too fancy passed on it. That night I dreamt about it and early the next morning I knocked on the neighbor’s... (more...)

Kenny Loggins is NOT Jesus

  I learned a lot while in Sedona this summer. I met with a Native American story teller, a wise shaman, a powerful energy healer and I encountered a racist Jeep-tour guide. I also learned that Kenny Loggins is not Jesus (and vice versa). Apparently... (more...)

How to Write a Scene - Get the Best and Cut the Rest

Get to the JUICE of Your Scene – get the best & cut the rest The rules of a good juicy scene are the same as going to a party: Come late and leave early.  When approaching a scene: Target the heat of the conflict. Ask, what is this scene really... (more...)

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